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In September 1981, The Summit Lighthouse purchased the Forbes Ranch, renaming it the Royal Teton Ranch. The ranch borders the northwest boundary of Yellowstone National Park and is sheltered to the west by the Gallatin National Forest.

In the summer of 1982, the Ranch Kitchen Restaurant opened (now the Lighthouse Restaurant) in Corwin Springs, Montana. The restaurant featured home-cooked meals, delicious fruit-sweetened desserts and baked good – these won first prizes at the Montana State Fair. The restaurant is opened from mid-May to mid-September, still providing great meals and desserts that are a natural attraction all their own.

In August of that year, the first conference was held in the Heart of the Inner Retreat, the Retreat of the Chohans of the Seven Rays. People came from all over the world, camping in the newly opened campgrounds.

With the sale of the Camelot property in California in 1986, The Summit Lighthouse moved its international headquarters to Montana. Today the Royal Teton Ranch is home to the Church Universal and Triumphant, Summit University and Summit University Press and hosts quarterly conferences at King Arthur’s Court.

Latest Developments at Royal Teton Ranch

In May 2010, the ranch opened the Yellowstone Vacation Campground. Visitors to RTR and Yellowstone National Park have affordable tent and RV sites for camping on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Other amenities include an historic cabin for rent and a shower house.

In 2014, the ranch reached another milestone with the piping of hot water from the La Duke Hot Springs up Highway 89 to Corwin Springs. For several year campers could relax with a small foot bathing pool.

In 2015, volunteers began the exciting Maitreya Mountain retreat project restoring the Terwilliger log cabin. Improvements are ongoing and soon, the cabin will be ready for regular visitors. We will keep you posted on the progress.

In the Spring of 2019, the Yellowstone Hot Springs opens! For up-to-date information, images and hours check out the website: YellowstoneHotSpringsMT.com

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