Maitreya Mountain Retreat Project

In 1987 Mother Mary said:

“Blessed ones, the trek up Maitreya’s mountain is indeed a pilgrimage and a calling—and even the placing there of a type of structure such as a log cabin where the sound of the rosary might be heard and recited: Archangel Michael’s Rosary, my rosary, Kuan Yin’s Rosary yet to be written down. Thus, it shall become a place of perpetual prayer, thanksgiving, a point of pilgrimage where many can rally.” – Mother Mary, May 11, 1987. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol.30, No.23

In February of 2015, a group of snowshoers who had just scaled Maitreya Mountain went down the backside and ran into a cabin. It was later discovered that the cabin had been built by five WWII veterans, including a man by the name of Homer Terwilliger, who used the cabin until his passing in the early 1990’s.

Maitreya Mountain cabin
Maitreya Mountain cabin

The group that discovered the cabin then discussed what should be done with it… and it was soon decided that the best solution was to renovate the site!

Soon after, Summit University graciously allowed our team to give a Gift to the Guru presentation to the SU class in July and, through the great generosity of the SU students, raised approximately $8,000!

Our first purchase was a tool shed for $100 which was brought to the cabin to hold materials necessary for continued renovations. Since that time, several teams of volunteers have been working hard to clean and renovate the cabin – from scrubbing, chinking and replacing the wood stove to trail work and wood chopping! We’ve also received many donations from the community of essentials such as blankets and tools for which we are enormously grateful!

Getting the tool shed to Maitreya Mountain cabin
Volunteers getting the tool shed to the Maitreya Mountain cabin

The cabin will be used for the benefit of our members as a place for pilgrimage, a base for hiking Maitreya Mountain and for small retreats. Installing solar cell panels will also enable us to provide electricity to play the rosaries Mother Mary asked for.

A family adventure enjoying Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Rex, Zina and Katerina stand at the spring site that has been dug out. Right: The cabin and seasonal pond that the spring feeds.

A group went up to the cabin in May while there were still snow here and there and found a spring above the cabin on the slope of Maitreya Mountain.

Diana Rosario and Sarah Rowe
Diana and Sarah in action!

After years of Mother Nature using the cabin, our team worked hard to scrub the inside and beautify the outside.

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: The morning sun coming through the cabin window after an overnight stay. Right: Noah preparing breakfast on a 348 year old log – That tree was tall long before George Washington was born!

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Mats, Armando, Noah, Sarah and David with a hard day’s work ahead. Right: Noah and Martin working on the wood stove’s new pipe/chimney.


Left: Mats, Patrick, Anne, Lana and Ivan use the cabin as a base to hike up Maitreya Mountain on the trail that is in progress and will be ready by 2016’s summer events! Right: Eric and Edward pay a visit in an ATV.


Left: The platform that Martin and Noah built for the wood stove. Right: Rex inspecting the 575 gallon underground water cistern that will provide year-round gravity-feed spring water to the cabin.

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Backhoe excavating the ditch for the underground water pipe. Right: The cistern waiting to be put underground.

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Sarah enjoying the sunset on Maitreya Mountain which is a 15-20 minute walk from the cabin. Right: Sunset over Maitreya Mountain from the cabin.

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Zina and Katerina on the hill 200’ from the cabin where we would one day like to build a chapel (and have aptly named “Chapel Hill”). Right: Photo taken from Chapel Hill towards Maitreya Mountain with the cabin. Some deer can be seen on the road.

Thank you to all SU students and all other individuals who have made donations to the Maitreya Mountain Retreat Project Fund. The cabin and retreat are meant to be enjoyed by our members. This winter we will have snow shoe outings to the cabin and next summer there will be much activity to continue to improve the retreat so it can be enjoyed by all!

Some of our projects include:

  • Installing a composting toilet and grey water field.
  • Completing interior decoration.
  • Installing solar cell panels so we can play the rosaries Mother Mary requested.
  • Cleaning up debris around the pond and surrounding area.

Maitreya Mountain cabin

Left: Jordan and Joel by the pond. Right: Board member Diana in front of the cabin on 10/19/2015.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the cabin!

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    1. The Inner Retreat is located about 100 miles/161 kilometers from the nearest airport in Bozeman, Montana. There is no mass transit from the airport to Corwin Springs, Montana, however there are multiple car rental agencies at and around the airport. We do have rental cabins at RTR which you can check on by emailing and many motels in nearby Gardiner Montana ( Plus you can always call our front desk at 1 (406) 848-9500 for more information.

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