Winter Ascent of Electric Peak

On Saturday, January 17 of 2015, a group of staff members and volunteers made an attempt to climb Electric Peak in the cold of winter. The weekend before we had gone up to 8,300” to pack out a snow shoe trail from the Heart of the Inner Retreat to prepare for the ascent.

Electric Peak - Winter 2015
View of Electric Peak from Maitreya Mountain

We met at the RTR Cafeteria at 7am to get an early start – days are short this time of the year. We offered our decrees to Archangel Michael as we drove up to the Heart of the Inner retreat where the temperature measured 17 degrees F. After gearing up with snow shoes and backpacks we headed out over the Mol Heron Creek bridge and up through the woods behind the conference tent frame.

Hikers on Electric Peak
The team at 9,800’: Armando, Slava, John, Rex, David and Mats.

The six people in our group where Rex, David, Slava, Armando, John and Mats. Starting at 6,390’ and a summit at 10,942’, we had over 4,500’ vertical to climb. With the extra ups and downs en route we had roughly 5,000’ of climbing ahead of us.

The first part up to Maitreya Mountain was well packed since some of us have made it a goal to summit Maitreya Mountain in each month of the year. By the time we reached the road behind the shoulder to Maitreya Mountain, the snow was over 3 feet deep.

Electric Peak intrepid climbers
John, David, Armando and Rex enjoying a snack and drink break.

When you hike in the winter you need to make sure your water, tea or electrolyte drink is well insulated since it’s mighty difficult to hydrate from a piece of solid ice. Drinking cold water and chewing snow also makes you lose your core body temperature and much energy is used to get it back up. Risk of frostbite also increases if you are dehydrated since your blood volume goes down and hence the body’s ability to warm up the extremities. But there are no horse flies, mosquitoes and grizzly bears this time of the year!

Valley below Electric Peak

More Images of the Epic Winter Electric Peak Hike

hiking up to Electric Peak
Armando, Rex and Slava are navigating between the trees at 8,150’
heading up towards Maitreya Mountain
Left: Heading up towards Maitreya Mountain
Right: David at 8,800′
above timberline
Mats, David and John above timberline around 9,500’
Mats at 9800
Mats during a break at 9,800’. John is hydrating on the right. The grassy slope is very wind-swept.
David on last mile of ascent
David heading up the windy and cold last mile towards Electric Peak. We are over six hours into the endeavor now.
wolf print and Disappointment Peak
Left: Wolf paw prints
Right: Rex and Slava going down Disappointment Peak at 10,200’
Omega Summit
On the Omega Summit at 10,942’ – it was very windy the last 45 minutes and we didn’t stay very long on the windy summit.
navigating scree slope
David and Slava navigating down the steep scree slope at 10,850’.
back to treeline
Back down in the trees finally.
Slava at Buddha's Point
Slava at 8,250’ crossing Buddha’s Point with Electric Peak in the background.
Back at the cars
Rex laying down by the cars after a long day on the mountain.

One thought on “Winter Ascent of Electric Peak”

  1. Hi Guys,my friend Rex and Mats Roing,

    Good Job.

    You are really great!

    But what about the electric shock experience that used to happen to climbers?

    Were you insulated or the electric shocks are no more?

    I wish I was with you, you know?
    Did you see some angels?
    Great fun, Guys!

    Good Job!

    Love you and greetings from Maitreya and Buddha.

    Rev Sammy, Lagos Nigeria.

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